We cannot waste food like this and live with a clear conscience while others starve to death. It doesn't matter how small you think your efforts are “a river is filled by tributaries, together we can make a huge difference.” Margaret Chikukwa
(Founder's mum)



Food Masters started out in 2016 as a family business
when the core business was supplying small grocery
stores with food stuffs including fresh produce.

Food Masters marketing philosophy and strategy is totally
focused on innovation and service. The company houses
Millionaire Seed Africa, an entrepreneurial movement,
Honeymoon ( a pure, 100% honey), and a fruit and
vegetable dehydration plant.

We continue to expand on the products that
we distribute. We are establishing ourselves in South
Africa with outstanding professional sales, production,
marketing and distribution.

Problems we are solving

Dehydrated Vegetables


Samples of dehydrated vegetables
dried during training & product testing.

They were packaged in biodegradable packets
made from 100 % corn-starch.

The samples are dried green pepper,
butternut, tomatoes, pumpkin, cabbage,
spinach and onions.